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Boiler Service Meath

Boiler Service Meath – Why chose SJM Plumbing & Heating and Common Problems

We all know and hate the prospect of having boiler issues in our home or business. A busted boiler can cause severe damage, halt work and make for a cold couple of weeks until things get sorted. The best way to offset this occurrence is to get a regular gas and oil boiler service in Meath by SJM Plumbing and Heating.

We conduct scheduled and one-off gas boiler and oil burner services in Navan, Ashbourne and beyond.

Here we will look at a few common issues with both gas and oil boilers and how servicing can prevent these issues from arising.

Gas Boiler Service throughout Meath

Gas boiler manufacturers recommend you get a yearly service for your appliances, and we do not disagree. No matter the age of your gas boiler, having a regular service ensures safety. You will also make savings on your bills and any repair costs.

As an RGI registered business, SJM is licensed to conduct gas boiler services in Meath and throughout Ireland.

We have serviced gas boilers in Navan and Ashbourne as regular hubs, but we service gas boilers thought the Meath area.

Leaking Gas Boiler

A severe common gas boiler issue that we tackle includes leaking boilers if this is the case it’s important to call in professional help immediately. A leaking gas boiler can be dangerous, you don’t want any accidents occurring in your Navan offices or homes.

Having a regular service will ensure professionals spot any leaks or potential leaks before they occur.

Noisy Boilers

Noisy boilers can be quite distracting and ruin a good night’s sleep. There are many reasons why a gas boiler may be making noise. Call in SJM for your gas boiler service Meath and we will find and resolve the issue.

Oil Boiler Service Meath

While oil boilers suffer some of the same issues as gas boilers, they also have some of the unique problems that we tackle here at SJM. Oil boiler servicing might be becoming less common in Meath and beyond due to people switching to new fuels, but it is still incredibly important to get regular oil boiler service in Meath.


Condensate blockages especially in winter can be a major problem for home and business owners. Just when you need your boiler to be working at full capacity, it decides to freeze up.

It is a common issue and one that we can resolve quickly here at SJM plumbing and heating. Though it is better to have a service before bad weather, so you don’t suffer from these issues at all.

Other Problems

If your oil boiler is not heating up there can be an array of issues from incorrect pressure to a fault along your circuit lines. Let the guys at SJM conduct a regular service on your boiler and we can be sure to offset any of these problems.

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Why choose SJM as your go-to boiler servicing company in Meath?

With our primary focus being on the residents of Meath for over 20 years we know the ins and outs of most residential and commercial properties in Meath. We have worked in many new construction jobs giving us insider knowledge into any problems your boiler units may be having.

We also work in the great Leinster area when required.

When you choose SJM Plumbing and Heating you get experience and well-trained oil and gas boiler services. We do not stop there and carry out maintenance and replacement work on your boilers in Meath.

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